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How to play correctly in the slot machines and do not lose

Each of you, my friends and simply readers, of course, have heard at least once in your life that you can’t win in a casino! But, at the same time, we remember that there is never a real “can’t”, if “can’t”, then – you can! But how? Of course, watching someone play slot machines or casinos, of course you think that cheating the system is pretty simple? But, believe me, that it is not at all. That’s what the system is. Especially if we’re talking about a system that deals with gambling and gambling money. But playing with the system and constantly thinking about winning, as well as knowing some of the rules of the system and its little secrets to “cheat” and win at the slot machines is quite real.

Next, for you, my lovers of slot machine gambling and fans of winning, a few secrets and small but useful tips on how to win at the casino.

All slot machines, in terms of their level of features are quite varied. So remember that when you open a casino page on the Internet with a list of slot machines, everything will depend exactly on your choice. Choosing the right game is also luck in its own way. Check your luck you can right now on

You should always remember that the administration of the online casino and even online support site will never tell you reliably on which machine now you can win a real large sum of money.

Yes, it’s quite possible you will be advised, “slot machine Mermaids Millions” today generously gives lucky people the treasure of the seas. But remember, this is just the statistics of previous games for the most popular choice, but there are no guarantees of real winnings. and can not be. Moreover, you may as well cheat and recommend you not too profitable game, because no body is not engaged in checking the honesty of advertising in online casinos.

Remember to always be critical of the advertising proposals a particular slot machine. It is necessary always to “keep in mind” that in different games on slot machines – different rates and ratios.

Want to win at the slot machines, then just follow some useful tips from experienced online players:

  • You have to remember that, purely from a mathematical point of view, it is always more justified not large and not small, but average bets in slot machine games. You should not make your bet too small;
  • A very clever aphorism that “he who is not wise is not able to remain calm” should always be in your head when you play the slot machines. Know how to keep your patience and wait for the free spins and your bonus game;
  • Never let the appearance of the slot machine mislead you. For example, from “The Mummy” and many other heavily publicized slot machines on the Internet appearance looks pretty “cool,” but the slot, alas, can not boast a particularly nice frequency of payments. But, for example, in designed quite simply games Fruit Cocktail or Highway Kings frequency of winnings is much higher,
  • Remember that the chances to get a row of 2 times a big win is very, very small. When you get a big win, then immediately “close” the slot machine, put on withdrawal your money or just play other slots.
  • Always be guided more by your intuition than by practical wit. All slot machines are never subject to any logical miscalculation.
  • It is known for certain that many players in the slot machines for some reason the most lucky with the winnings are only certain machines. So choose the most profitable slot machines for themselves. Why this happens, no one knows, but, it’s real, it is!
  • Don’t ever choose a slot that has just paid out a big win to some other player in front of you. The dumbest of all mistakes, remember that if the slot machine has already paid out the jackpot, it will be gaining the jackpot again gradually for a while, and the winnings on it are definitely not “shining”.

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