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Hollywood slots: review

Many fans of free slot machines, especially those who often go to their Facebook page, met with Hollywood slots. This application for Facebook, developed by Product Madness, is one of the most popular among users of this social network.

hollywood slots

The rules of use are very simple: Hollywood casino slots contains five types of slot machines, of which at the initial stage of the game, only one of them is opened for beginners. Later, the more a player plays slot machines from his page, the more stars he gains, and each star adds a player rating in the game. Each gaming machine is original, for example, has its own special paylines, bonuses and other features.

Raising the rating and increasing the number of stars also allows you to get other opportunities, such as the possibility of increasing bets, getting big bonuses, daily replenishment of the account with casino currency and so on.

How to start playing

First of all, in order to start playing Hollywood slots, you need to register on Facebook in order to have your own page on this social network. After that, you should go to the Facebook casino page and find among the many offers of Hollywood free slots and start playing.

Each day, players are given a certain amount of coins – the virtual currency of this type of casino, having spent which you can either wait until the next day, or buy currency for real money. Most players choose the first method.

Gameplay Features

It should be noted that Hollywood slots is not much different from other types of slots offered in other online casinos. This is a fairly average resource, which has both its advantages and its disadvantages. The following main features of the Hollywood slots app should be highlighted:

  • When playing this application, you cannot count on winning real money, since the resource uses only virtual currency;
  • Excellent graphics, wonderful sound effects, as well as well-thought-out gameplay make this online casino popular among a certain circle of Facebook users;
  • According to independent studies, the probability of winning in this casino directly depends on the amount of the bet: the higher it is, the less frequent are winning combinations in classic slots;
  • Notifications of friend requests from other users are quite annoying, as new “friends” are constantly asking for coins to be given to them;
  • It is absolutely not interesting to play with friends, but it is very exciting to play teams in Team Madness Team Slots. True, this opportunity opens Hollywood slots free coins not immediately, but over time;
  • A fairly limited selection of slot machines – only five varieties.

Given all these features, you can choose to play this application, or choose a site that is more preferable for you.


According to official data, the Hollywood slots resource has about 510 thousand active users, and more than 120 thousand users from all over the world daily play slot machines. Impressive performance for the apk application is not it? So if you are looking for a good site or resource for playing on your android, then feel free to start spinning spins.

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